Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo: Pittsburgh bar will not sell Boston beer during series against Bruins

Customers who frequent the Pittsburgh bar "Howlers" and also drink Sam Adams may need to visit sooner rather than later.

This is because the bar will not be serving the Boston brew (or any beer from Boston) anytime during the duration of the Eastern Conference finals, which pits the hometown Penguins against the Bruins.

The establishment let their patrons know ahead of time via this awesome neon sign seen above.

You better hurry if you are planning on getting down to Howlers and wetting your whistle with some Sam Adams. The first game of the series begins Saturday night.

Via Eye on Hockey 


  1. give me a break, just like Boston Pizza in 2011 changed their name, now look how that worked out for them, Bruins won the Cup in 2011

  2. I live near Boston and I don't even like Sam Adams. I was actually in Pittsburgh last month for the Frozen Four and spent a lot of time at the Souper Bowl drinking 24 oz. Molson cans.