Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo: Phillies fan sits front row with MacBook, iPad, and iPhone

For some reason, this Philadelphia Phillies fan made the trek to Miami to watch his team take on the Marlins Wednesday night.

But it looks like he had no interest in watching the actual game being played on the field, though. A person sitting behind this man sent in the photo to Deadspin with the following details:

This guy has his MacBook, iPad, and iPhone in the front row at the Marlins game. When security asked him to put it away he demanded that he had a Constitutional right to free speech that protected him. After arguing for a full inning with security, they relented. Then he gloated by waving his laptop around with the phone still attached, which could have been painful if anyone attended Marlins games.

Okay, so no one can blame him for not wanting to watch the Marlins play baseball. The Fish are absolutely horrid. With that being said, you got to leave the technology at home, man. You are making the rest of us sports lovers look bad.


  1. I know baseballs boring but damn!

  2. Boy, would it be funny if a foul ball clocked this guy while he was watching on the iPad.

  3. maybe he wanted to listen to the fabulous Phillies broadcast crew instead of watching it live.