Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photo: Parents trying to sway baby to be Giants, Athletics fan

Baby Manny has a tough decision to make as he enters childhood.

Should he side with his mother and be a San Francisco Giants fan? Or should he play it cool with dad and be an Oakland Athletics fan?

Manny got a taste of both Monday night as he watched them take the field in his first ever Major League Baseball game. The A's pulled out a 4-1 victory at O.Co Coliseum, so one can only assume that Oakland now has the edge.

However, who really knows? In the picture seen above, baby Manny seems more interested in looking at something else (a girl baby? snowcone? flashing lights?) than he does in posing for the camera. Maybe he could really throw his proud parents a curveball by becoming a Marlins fan or something, though.

No, on second thought. Don't do it, Manny!

Via MLB Cut 4

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