Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pacers announcer calls Heat fans 'losers' for leaving early

As if the Eastern Conference Finals matchup between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat didn't already have enough sizzle, Pacers radio announcer Mark Boyle may added a little more.

After nearly stealing a victory in Game 1 in Miami, the Pacers effectively tied the series at one a piece after scoring a 97-93 victory in Game 2 on Friday. The contest came right down to the wire and had basketball fans on the edge of their seats for much of the evening. Well, except for a select number of Heat fans who left the American Airlines Arena late in the fourth quarter.

Pacers play-by-play radio announcer Mark Boyle took notice and proceeded to rip those fans on air by calling them "losers" and declaring that Miami was undeserving of an NBA franchise.

“We are literally sitting in the crowd here.  These losers are leaving, they are flocking to the exits with their team down by three. This city does not only not deserve this team, they don’t deserve any team.”

Ouch. It is only a matter of time before Boyle becomes public enemy number one in South Beach.

You can here the short audio clip for yourself by clicking here.

Get your popcorn ready, folks. The two teams are slated to take the floor for Game 3 Sunday night on TNT.

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