Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nick Young uses Instagram to respond to sexual assault lawsuit

Earlier this week, reports surfaced saying that a woman had filed a lawsuit against Philadelphia 76ers guard Nick Young, alleging that the NBA player drugged and then raped her. The incident allegedly occurred in 2011 when Young was a member of the Washington Wizards, and the woman accuses Young in the suit of sexual assault, sexual battery, and false imprisonment.

On Thursday, Young responded to those troubling allegations via Instagram, by uploading a picture of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur, with a heading that reads, “Don’t believe everything you hear. Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.”

The USC product also added the following comments:
“I was shocked with the amount of people who actually believed that Swaggy would do such a thing! I take my craft and my reputation seriously. I have a son that looks up to me as well as fans that are children. I would never want them to think of me in such a way. I learned that God has a way of showing things: Who my real friends are, who I can trust and who has my best interest. So to my family, friends, coaches, teammates and fans that supported me through this challenging time I want to say thank you for believing in me. Your support and prayer means the world to me. At this I want to say God is everything so keep yo faith, keep smiling and swagging on these haters.”
Young's comments certainly seem sincere and genuine.

It should be noted that the woman's claims were quickly dismissed by LAPD, and at this point, the lawsuit is the only thing Young faces regarding the matter.

From TMZ:
She's filed a civil lawsuit, but now we're learning shortly after the alleged incident, she went to LAPD cops who dismissed her claim because her story didn't make sense. What's more ... law enforcement says at the time she went to cops, she was already talking about a lawsuit, and that made them even more suspicious.
Sources told TMZ that the woman then made financial demands to Young threatening that the the former first round pick either pay up or be sued.

Well, it sure does sound as though this is a classic case of a woman trying to extort whatever she can from a wealthy individual through very evil means. Time and the legal system will eventually separate the truth from fiction, but empirical evidence suggests that Young is innocent.


  1. If it happenend in 2011 why did she wait so long to file a lawsuit. There should be a law on how long someone can be sue. Also why didn't she go to a doctor.

  2. Way to be the bigger person Mr. Young. Seems to me like the media is providing fuel to make it seem as if Mr. Young did something wrong. Why don't they go after this evil spawn of the beast that is this woman. Discredit her and put Mr. Young on a pedestal? If you need headlines like the one above to attract readers then you will fold shortly.
    Mr. Young please keep your head up and to quote another great philosopher along the lines of Mr. Shakur, "Hate in your heart will consume you..." "Nough said.