Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nick Hundley slams suspended teammate Yasmani Grandal

Nick Hundley has served as the San Diego Padres starting catcher this season, but his role could be in jeopardy once teammate Yasmani Grandal returns from his 50-game suspension later this month.

Grandal, who was acquired by the Padres prior to last season from the Reds, posted solid numbers in 2012 (.297 BA, 8 HR, 36 RBI, 60 G) and many believed he was in line to be the team's starter in 2013 before being reprimanded by MLB in the offseason for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Meanwhile, Hundley was in line to serve as the backup this year. He has long been considered a promising player, but has yet to live up to expectations in what is now his sixth season in the major leagues. So, one can only imagine the animosity Hundley may feel toward Grandal.

On Wednesday, Hundley may have slipped and let those feelings become a little more transparent.

“You want to talk about a guy who is unproven and had a good couple months on steroids, go ahead,” Hundley told U-T San Diego.

When asked about the competition between the two players once Grandal returns Hundley said, “I haven’t given it any thought,” he said.

Yeah, sure.

Manager Bud Black has already stated that he will play both players once Grandal returns. However, the bulk of the playing time will be based on performance.

At 29-years-old, Hundley is a full five years older than Grandal. Therefore, the Padres may be secretly hoping Grandal is the one who ends up winning the job back.

Another thing Grandal has going for him is that he is a switch-hitter, and a relatively good one at that.

It remains to be seen how the competition will play out between these guys. But one thing is for sure, Hundley isn't going down without a fight.


  1. I agree with Hundley. He makes an excellent point that the media keeps missing. Members of the media keep saying Grandal is an excellent hitter because he hit so well last year and that he also is suspended for steroids. But he hit well last year because he was on steroids. Melky Cabrera is back after being caught with steroids--and is hitting 100 point slower than in the previous year. Hundley didn't hit well last year, but he got his hits honestly.

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  3. I DO NOT agree with Hundley. First of all, if he wasnt hitting as well as he has been as of late, he would have NEVER opened his mouth...he thinks that his improved bat, gives him some leverage in this 'steroid debate". Does anyone think he'd have anything to say about Yaz, if he was hitting a buck fifty?...HELL NO!

    Secondly, he claims to be this great teammate?...well, the first thing you learn in "good teammate 101", is how to approach a guy to air your grievances, when THERE IS NO TAPE RECORDER OR JOURNALIST, IN YOUR FACE!..yea, Yaz effed up BIG TIME, but if Nick felt this way, this is something that he should have taken up with the kid that was trying to take his job. And afterwards, he should leave it at that, like Chase Headley has done. SAY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY, AND THEN SHUT THE F**K UP, BECAUSE LORD KNOWS, YOU DO NEED THIS KID'S BAT IN THAT TIRED A** LINEUP, NICK!!.

    Thirdly, I dont like how Kevin Acee, baited Nick into saying what he said..and I might have more of an issue with him, than anyone else, because stuff like this can get in the psyche of players. We dont want guys playing who think that there is this spectrum of doom waiting for them, everyday when they get to the ballpark.

    When is this team gonna be COMPLETELY PREOCCUPIED WITH WINNING?!!..The Red Sox won two WS in the span of 4 seasons, not too long ago. Does anyone think that EVERYONE in that clubhouse actually liked Manny Ramirez and whoever else may have been a total douchebag?....but they stayed the course, because they knew Manny Ramirez and Ortiz was gonna help them win.

    Lets get real here...playing for the Padres is not about some little po-dunk-hillbilly, from Washington State, named Nick Hundley, coming to San Diego to play in beautiful weather, at a beautiful ballpark. Players are here for one reason and one reason only, I THOUGHT!..and thats to win.

    if he REALLY wants to win here as much as he claims, then he should keep his eye on the prize, and off of the drama of the day.

    Yasmani Grandal has messed up, and the only reason anyone is really upset with him, is because he is incredibly talented, and OBVIOUSLY has the tools to help the team win...ALL OF US HAD HIGH HOPES FOR HIM IN 2013. But I dont think for one minute that steroids are the only reason he played well last year.

    I read where he took special offense to that remark from Hundley, because Yaz knows how good he is..and he knows that steroids doesnt define all of his talent. Quite frankly, I think the kid took them to STAY ON THE FIELD, because he didnt want to get injured. Im not making excuses for him..but I dont think this was all about him wanting to hit a million homers, over staying healthy so that he could help the team win. Its warped thinking, I know...but thats what I believe.

    He put this team behind the 8 ball, no doubt...and guys have a right to be pissed with him. But when guys go outside of the clubhouse to whine to a reporter who is just tryin to start some unnecessary drama, I have a problem with that.

    If Yaz was a scrub, we're not even talking about this, because he'd probably be released by now, or sent to AAA to languish in Tuscon for the rest of his days.

    but no one is talking about Hundley's motive to bitch and moan.. or how threatened Nick feels...thats whats really goin on here. On one hand, he's justifiably mad because the kid who was coming after his gig, was cheating every step of the way...but on the other hand, he knows in his gut that the same kid is probably STILL considerably more talented than he'll ever be, with no steroids or PEDs in his body. And thats probably a very hard pill to swallow, when you're a borderline major leaguer.

    There will be cliques when Yaz comes up...guys who dont want anything to do with him outside of the clubhouse, because Nick went out of his way to garner support from other players, with his remarks. HE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING, WHEN HE SAID WHAT HE SAID.

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