Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jeremy Affeldt returned $500,000 to Giants after discovering contract miscue

San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt might be the most honest player in Major League Baseball.

In 2010, the southpaw reportedly discovered a error in his contract made by the Giants, which overpaid him by a whopping $500,000. While most would stay quiet, take the money, and not think twice, Affeldt took the high road and gave it all back.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Affeldt got three opinions saying the contract was ironclad and he could keep the extra $500,000, from the Players Association, agent Michael Moye and even Giants assistant general manager Bobby Evans.

Affeldt recalled Moye telling him, "You know what? As your agent I've got to tell you that legally you can keep it. As a man who represents integrity, I'm saying you should give it back."

And that's what Affeldt said he did, redoing the contract with the $500,000 excised.

"I talked to Bobby the next day and said, 'I can't take that money,' " Affeldt said. " 'I won't sleep well at night knowing I took that money because every time I open my paycheck I'll know it's not right.' "

The $500,000 Affeldt returned to the Giants represented five percent of his contract at the time (2 years, $10 million). Although five percent may not sound like much, it's still pretty considerable when you think about it from an average joe standpoint. If a typical worker makes $50,000 in a year, a five percent cut would mean $2,500 less money by year's end. So, yeah it's a big deal.

Aside from the financial view, Affeldt's act of integrity was also the right move. In a day in age when role models are becoming fewer and farther in between, it's nice to see an MLB veteran be a good example for the younger generation.

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