Friday, May 10, 2013

High school baseball team lifts car to save young girl's life

A California high school baseball team is credited for saving a girl's life after pulling her out from underneath a car.

On Tuesday, members of the Valley High School baseball squad were engaging in their final practice of the 2013 season when they heard tires screeching, followed by screaming.

“We hear what sounded like a car accident and we look over and we see one car, basically bouncing up and down,” said head coach Troy Quirollo.

That is when his players jumped into immediate action and ran toward the parking lot where the screams were coming from. Players reportedly hurdled the dugout and other obstacles en route to rushing toward the scene.

Apparently, a mother, who was dropping off her daughter for an after-school program, accidentally put her car in reverse and ran over her own child. As you might imagine, the mother was hysterical when it happened.

Quirollo dialed 911 as 10-15 of his players arrived at the car and began lifting it off of the girl. Quirollo said the back left tire was on top of the girl's back and she was bleeding near her ears. An assistant coach was the one who eventually pulled the girl out of harm's way.

Once emergency personnel arrived, Quirollo huddled up with his team and congratulated them on saving the young lady's life. He also told the players that coaches and counselors would be made available if anyone wanted to talk about what happened.

The girl suffered a fractured bone, some scrapes, and some bruises, but otherwise is expected to make a full recovery.

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