Monday, May 6, 2013

Groundhog terrorizes New Jersey little league, escapes

Most people would consider groundhogs relatively harmless and adorable creatures. So, surely no one could have envisioned what reportedly happened at Bridgeton Little League (NJ) over the weekend.

According to, a groundhog wreaked havoc on a group of little league baseball players, an umpire, and the league president on Saturday. The furry animal caused so much terror and chaos that police even had to be called in to diffuse the situation.

It all began when a group of little leaguers curiously walked across the street to take a closer look at what they believed to be a peaceful groundhog. However, their slow stroll across the street quickly turned into a dead sprint back to the park once the groundhog started chasing them.

This is when umpire Brandon Dennis stepped in to shield the innocent children from the groundhog's wrath. Naturally, Dennis then became the primary target at that point, so the groundhog began chasing wildly after him, instead.

Thankfully, Bridgeton Little League President T. Carl Hemple was standing by and intervened to play the hero role for Dennis.
“Then he started chasing me,’’ said Hemple. “Man, was he big. He must have weighed 20 pounds.’’ 
The groundhog gained on Hemple, who went to his car, jumped inside and locked the doors. 
“The groundhog went under the car,’’ said Hemple. 
He decided to start the car. 
The groundhog escaped the roar of the motor and headed for the Bridgeton Sports Hall of Fame. 
“It found a hole in the fence surrounding the air conditioning unit,’’ said Hemple.
Hemple then frantically dialed 911 for help.

Police arrived within minutes to wrangle up the rodent. The groundhog put up a formidable fight, exposing his teeth in the process, but was eventually stuffed into a cage and taken to a nearby animal hospital. The animal's reign of terror was officially over on this day.

But is it over for good?

Hospital workers showed up to work Sunday morning to find the cage that was supposed to be containing the groundhog as empty. The only thing left inside the corridors was an empty can of cat food.
“I don’t think there’s anything to worry about from a health standpoint,’’ said Dr. Bill McAlonan. “I just got off the phone with the police and they told me no one was bitten on Saturday.’’
Speak for yourself, doc.

So, there you have it. The country's most wanted groundhog remains at large as of Monday evening.

Remember, if you see something, say something.

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