Friday, May 31, 2013

George Brett once gave bathroom attendant limo, tickets, and cash in classy gesture

Here is heart-warming story about how new Kansas City Royals interim hitting coach and Hall of Famer George Brett hooked up a strip club bathroom attendant from Cleveland back in 1987.

The story ran earlier this week on about a man known as "Door George" describing a time in which he took care of Brett and Brett then took total care of him in return.

Prepare to be amazed.

"Here comes George Brett in the club—I recognized him right away—and I showed him to a chair and got him a complimentary drink. I ran the tables. And if I said somebody got a drink, they got a drink."

"This was '87, and the Kansas City Royals were in town," George goes on. "This was the year after Buckner let that ball go through his legs in the World Series. And, well, I didn't recognize Buckner, but I recognized Brett. And somebody was giving Buckner a hard time on account of that ball going through his legs.

"And I took care of them, moved them to a more private table and got them drinks. And Brett, he appreciated it. He asks me 'Can you come to the ballgame tomorrow night?' And I say, sure.

"Next day, here comes a limousine and an envelope with $100 and two tickets to the game with a note thanking me for looking out for them." George raises an index finger, the story's not over.

"From that day on—I never saw him again in my life—but every time the Royals were in town, sure enough, I got an envelope with $100 and two tickets, up 'til the day he retired. That George Brett, now there was a classy guy."

How awesome is that?

Brett wound up playing for six more full seasons before retiring at the end of 1993. So, it's safe to say that Brett made plenty more visits to Cleveland, and old Door George had tickets and cash for every one of them.