Monday, April 15, 2013

Video: Young Cubs fan gets foul ball, nearly throws it back

It's customary at Wrigley Field for fans of the Cubs to throw back home runs hit by the visiting team. In fact, anyone who fails to toss back such baseballs is frowned heavily upon.

However, any other type of ball that is hit and makes into the crowd is fair game. Especially balls struck by Cubs hitters. Well, this young fan received a clarification on the unwritten rule on Sunday, as he was lucky enough to snag a foul ball in the bottom of the first inning.

But because he knows fans have been scolded before by not chucking the ball back on the diamond, he immediately begins to rear back with intentions to throw it. Luckily, the well seasoned adults sitting around the boy restrain him from unnecessarily losing his souvenir.

In the end, everything ends well. The boy receives a little Wrigley Field education and he also gets to get keep his ball.

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