Saturday, April 13, 2013

Video: Nate Robinson gets creative to win jump ball against Rudy Gay

Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson is 5-foot-9.

Toronto Raptors forward Rudy Gay stands 6-foot-8.

Naturally, Robinson knew this major difference in height would cause a problem for him. Especially as it pertains to a jump ball situation.

So, the diminutive Robinson had to get creative when such a situation arose midway through the fourth quarter Friday night. Although Robinson is known to be a great leaper, he wasn't going to be able to sky above Gay, and better yet, he knew this very well.

Watch as Robinson anticipates where Gay will tip the ball, proceeds to dart toward that area, and finds himself in perfect position to snare the tip.

Unfortunately, Robinson gets called for a jump ball violation, and the Raptors end up winning possession anyway. But not before Robinson provided us all with a little snippet of why he is so exciting and unpredictable to watch.

Gay and the Raptors went on to seal a 97-88 victory over Chicago.

Via SportsGrid

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