Sunday, April 7, 2013

Video: Michigan fans set couch ablaze in celebration of big win

Being a fan of a team that wins an NCAA Tournament Final Four game is undoubtedly exciting. It means your school is one step closer to winning a national title.

So, how does a fan properly celebrate this momentous occasion? Maybe pop a bottle of some their finest liquor in the kitchen? Maybe treat themselves to a nice meal out? Or maybe they just want to drag out one of the coaches in their living room and light it on fire?

Such was the case for wild Michigan fans late Saturday night as at least one group of Wolverines fans brought a couch onto the street and set it ablaze. Now, that's what I call a celebration. Not.

These guys may regret turning their couch into ashes because Michigan still has one game to play. The Wolverines play Louisville on Monday night in the national championship. No word on what these fans will sit on while watching the game.

Via The Big Lead

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