Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video: Javier Fortuna delivers wicked knockout blow

The match between Javier Fortuna and Miguel Zamudio didn't last long on Friday.

Fortuna improved his lifetime mark to 22-0 after dropping Zamudio with a devastating left-handed blow in the first round at Tropicana Casino and Resort. It marked the 15th career knockout for the Dominican Republic native.

Fortuna swarmed all over Zamudio early and often in the lopsided affair. He initially sent Zamudio to the ground with a swift left hand within seconds of the opening bell. Zamudio eventually rose back to his feet, but didn't stay there for long as Fortuna delivered another definitive punch moments later. However, this time the Mexico native didn't recover.

Zamudio laid unconscious for about "two to three minutes" before physicians were able to adminster oxygen and help the embattled boxer regain his sense of place and time. He was later carried off the ring in a stretcher and taken to a local hospital for further medical examination.

"I was surprised he got up from the first knockdown because I hit him so hard," Fortuna said. "I knew he wasn't getting up the second time because he fell pretty awkwardly."

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