Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Video: Giants reliever breaks wind in bullpen

On Wednesday, the San Francisco Giants promoted reliever Jean Machi from Triple-A Fresno before their game in Milwaukee.

Machi was able to arrive at Miller Park in time to be available to pitch. While waiting for his chance to enter the game, Machi apparently greeted his new teammates by unleashing a gassy odor in the bullpen.

Watch as fellow reliever Jose Mijares gets a whiff of Machi's stench and immediately transitions into a disbelieved facial expression. Seriously, Mijares' reaction is priceless.

But so is Machi's, who tries to play off the embarrassing incident as calmly as possible by looking casual, with a straight face.

For the record, neither one made an appearance in the game, so they had plenty of time to clear the air afterward (pardon the pun).


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