Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video: FC Dallas player scores goal, bloodied after fan throws bottle at his head

FC Dallas defender George John may have been the hero with a game-winning goal over reigning MLS champion LA Galaxy Saturday, but he was also the recipient of a painful blow immediately following his score.

The incident occurred in the 88th minute when John connected with a header off a corner kick which he sent in the back of the net to put the home side up 1-0. His celebration was short lived, however, as a fan flung a projectile object from the crowd (apparently a bottle) in John's direction, which struck him in the head and sent him to the ground.

John lay on the field for several minutes as trainers rushed to his aid. One important thing to note about John is that he is recovering from a concussion sustained last year after getting nailed in the face with a kicked ball.

Luckily, John appears to be okay, thanks to receiving five staples to close up the wound. He also went to Twitter to tell everyone he was alright and to give some advice to them for next time.

And we thought other countries had crazy ways to celebrate a goal. Americans appear to be raising the bar a bit.

Seriously though, throwing anything on the field of play during the game is a huge no-no.

Via SportsGrid

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