Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video: David Ross makes great catch, knocks over fan's beer in the process

Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross made a terrific grab on Saturday, but it didn't come without a cost. That cost was a full cup of beer.

Watch as Ross' pursuit of a foul ball hit by Tampa Bay Rays hitter Sam Fuld carries him to the edge of the wall, and into the crowd to snare the ball, but not before he disposes of a fan's beer in the process.

Ross apparently felt sorry for the guy so he tossed him the souvenir as a sympathy gift.

Additionally, the Red Sox went on to win the game in 10 innings, 2-1, thanks to an infield RBI single by Shane Victorino. So, the beer-less fan can take solace in knowing his beverage loss wasn't for nothing.

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