Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Video: Chris Davis strikes out, angrily snaps bat over knee

Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis made his bat look more like a toothpick Tuesday night.

The scene (shown above) occurred after Davis struck out swinging in the third inning of Baltimore's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. As you can see, Davis is none too pleased with the result of his trip to the plate.

That poor piece of lumber didn't stand a chance. I haven't seen a player snap a chunk of wood that easily since Bo Jackson.

Despite his lack of success in that at-bat in particular, Davis still leads the league in home runs (6), RBIs (19), slugging (.902) and OPS (1.362). So, maybe his bat hasn't treated him so bad after all.

Via Big League Stew


  1. I think he should have been taken out of the game. At this stage of his carrer he should be able to handle frustration, not to mention the baseball season just started!! I wonder whats in store for the next 150 or so games?? I don't want my grandson breaking bats because of his poor performance at bat. Like it or not,Davis e showed very poor judgement and a very poor roll model.

  2. Give me a break, taken out of the game for breaking his bat. Obviously these guys are competing at a very high level and take every at bat very serious. And yes breaking a bat over your knee is not very smart. But its just plain stupid to say he should be removed from the game. If you don't want your grandson seeing anything that shows poor judgement or offensive, you should just lock him up in a room, because its everywhere. I even find your grammar offensive, so go join him

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