Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Video: Astros pitcher Paul Clemens dislocates finger but gets next out

We know the Astros don't have many good players, but RHP Paul Clemens was out to prove us all wrong even after dislocating the pinky on his pitching hand.

In last night's game, he tried to field a bouncing ball with his right hand and it tipped just off his pinky bending in a way that pinkies are not meant to be bent. He still managed to convince his manager and training staff that he was okay enough to keep pitching. He got the next batter to ground out to second base, before being lifted for a new pitcher. I guess they needed a little extra time for him to warm up.

It really gives new meaning to the baseball phrase "putting up a crooked number." Just look at that pinky.

via MLB.com

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