Friday, April 19, 2013

Soccer fans break into dressing room, attack players in the showers following loss

Riot police take action over supporters

Here is a crazy story about a group of fans taking a loss way too hard.

On Thursday, Huracan dropped a tightly contested Copa Argentina match to Godoy Cruz by way of penalty kicks. This didn't go over too well with fans of Huracan, as tempers flared after the final whistle blew.

So, some of the fans decided to show their displeasure by breaking into the team's dressing room after the game, and then proceeded to attack and rob some of the players.

According to a report, the fans bursted into the dressing room donning ski masks. While there, they ambushed players who were in the showers, then attacked them and threatened to use further violence. They eventually left and made off with several of the players' possessions in the process.

The incident was confirmed by head coach Josa Maria Llop.

We were in the showers after Thursday’s training session when the disguised fans stormed the rooms and threatened the players.’

Fans also allegedly did damage to several cars belonging to players before riding off into the sunset via bus.

Argentina police are investigating the matter.

Via Metro

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