Monday, April 15, 2013

President Obama expects reign of Alabama football to continue

Alabama and Virginia Tech will play for the

President Barack Obama played host to the University of Alabama football team on Monday to honor them for their recent national championship.

It marked the third trip in four years for Nick Saban's Crimson Tide. So, you might say the players and coaches are getting relatively familiar with the most famous residence in America.

"They are starting to learn their way around the White House," the president said.

"From the beginning of spring practice, the best teams in the country had one goal and that was to try to at least be as good, if not better, than Alabama," Obama said. "The Tide kept on rising to the occasion and they never let up."
Obama also said something else which I'm sure folks in Florida, Ohio, and Alabama's rival down the road in Auburn may have something to say about.

"Since I'll be around for four more football seasons, I expect I just might see these guys again before I leave."

The president's prediction could prove to be prophetic. He has welcomed just one other college football champion to the White House since he took office in 2008: Auburn in 2011.

The Tide presented the president with a personalized road jersey, a helmet and a signed football, this time around. When Saban jokingly said he would have a meeting with Obama later about how much playing time the Commander in Chief would get, Obama quickly replied, "I think we should keep me on the bench."
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