Monday, April 22, 2013

Video: Tony Siragusa promoting adult diapers for men

Here is a video (seen above) of former Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Tony Siragusa serving as the face of new Depend Shields and Guards. It's all part of a marketing campaign called "Guard Your Manhood," which is set to debut on channels such as ESPN and USA on May 1.

What exactly is Depend Shields and Guards? Well, they are diapers specifically designed for grown men who may or may not be able to make it to the restroom in time, of course.

"I'm Tony Siragusa, and I've been around the toughest guys in football," opens the 30-second ad. "And now I'm training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood with man-style protection."
Siragusa, who is the host of Man Caves on DIY Network and an analyst for Fox Sports, won a Super Bowl in 2000. Now, he has relegated himself to plugging underoos.

The whole thing may be a bit embarrassing for the former Pro Bowler, but is it more humiliating than this advertisement featuring ex-Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer endorsing a local hot dog company?

Via Bleacher Report

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