Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo: One fan is really unhappy about the Heat benching LeBron James

Fans are shelling out more and more dollars these days in order to watch their favorite players and teams in action.
Take this guy for example, who apparently made the drive from New York to Washington D.C. just to see his favorite team, the Heat, and his favorite player, LeBron James, take on the Wizards.
All was going according to plan until Miami followed through on their promise to rest their starting players for their impending postseason run. That meant James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh found themselves on the bench for the duration of the contest. In fact, the three weren't even dressed to play even if they wanted to, as each was seen sporting suits.
The fan's disappointment may have been lessened a little bit after the Heat clinched the NBA's best record by beating the Wizards, 103-98. But it's safe to say he's still ticked off about the way things panned out on his road trip to the Verizon Center.
One question, though, how in the heck did tickets cost him $660 for a late-season Washington Wizards game?

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