Monday, April 8, 2013

Photo: Joker Phillips using villain to help lure recruits to Gators

New University of Florida football assistant Joker Phillips is using some unusual tactics to help lure potential recruits to Gainesville. And they involve the portrayal of Batman's greatest nemesis.

Last month, he used a depiction of Heath Ledger playing "The Joker" from the The Dark Night. Phillips posted the image on his Instagram profile with a caption that read "Ooohh. You want to play. Come on! #ComePlayWRforTheJoker."

Monday morning, Phillips continued his creepy recruiting theme by posting the image you see above, accompanied with the caption, "As everyone in #gatornation awoke...The joker awaits everyone to come out and play."

If the thought of playing for a psychotic mass murderer is what recruits desire, than the Gators may be the place to be. If not, countless numbers of high school prospects may be having nightmares soon.


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