Thursday, April 18, 2013

NFL players knew teammate was gay, didn't care

There has been a lot of talk lately about the possibility of gay NFL players coming out publicly. However, there seems to be a general fear that their open expression of their sexual orientation will draw negative feedback from coaches, teammates, and fans.

Well, a report by Mike Freeman of might just help alleviate some of the worries of those particular athletes.

The report states that a "dozen" players on an NFL team knew one of their teammates was gay last year, but didn't hold that against him. In fact, the player's teammates even went as far as saying it didn't bother them at all.

The players were fully aware that their teammate dated men and called the fact that he did the "worst kept secret on the team." claims to know the identity of the player, but did not release his name since the player has not yet openly declared himself as homosexual.

"We saw him as a player," said one of the teammates, "not as a gay player."

Additionally, the players also said that several members of the coaching staff and several of the players' wives also knew the player was gay.

The same player played on a different team in 2011 and sources told that his teammates knew he was gay, as well.

So, for all the talk about potential implications of players coming out, it appears if the league is already in a position to embrace such things.

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