Friday, April 5, 2013

MLB admits to suing wrong guy in Miami drug case

The mission by Major League Baseball to eradicate performance-enhancing drugs can sometimes lead to a mistake.

That was precisely the case on Friday as the league admitted of wrongfully accusing a "chemist" who they believed was connected in the black market for PEDs. Upon further review, it turns out that Silveira is nothing more than a salesman and has no science background or drug connections whatsoever.

Silveira's name was included in a civil lawsuit filed by MLB last month against six individuals it alleged were connected to a South Florida clinic believed to have provided PEDs to some of the game's best players.

On Friday, the league announced it was dropping Silveira from the complaint by issuing the following statement: "He had no connection to Biogenesis or to the alleged distribution of performance-enhancing substances to Major League players."

Two sources told ESPN's Outside the Lines that MLB was searching for a man with a similar name to Silveira who was suspected of having a PED connection with Biogenesis operator Anthony Bosch. However, it turned out they got the wrong guy.

"They realize he has no involvement whatsoever with Biogenesis or distributing performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes," said Emil Infante, who represents the 30-year-old da Silveira. "We did our investigation and met with them [MLB]. Once they saw that this guy had nothing to do with this they were really professional in getting it resolved quickly, which obviously was in their best interest."

When Infante was asked if his client had a chemistry background, he said: "Hell no, man. Of course not. This kid works in sales. He has no background in science whatsoever."


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