Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Louisville's men's team not allowed to attend women's championship game

The NCAA continues to make itself an easy target for criticism.

Louisville's men's basketball team won their first national championship since 1986 Monday night by dispatching Michigan in a thrilling title game.

On Tuesday, Louisville will look to make history by trying to become the second school in NCAA history to win both the men's and women's national titles in the same season. Louisville's women's squad is aiming to cap off an improbable tournament run by knocking off heavily favored Connecticut. Ironically, Connecticut is the only school to have previously won both basketball championships by doing so in 2004.

Naturally, the men's team had aspirations of cheering their Lady Cards on in New Orleans. However, due to an NCAA rule prohibiting the school or coach to pay for travel expenses outside their own tournament, the national champions won't be able to make the trip from Atlanta.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino will be allowed to visit the Superdome, but not his players.

Wait, what?

Why wouldn't the NCAA want to have them in the stands to add a little more luster to the game? It just doesn't make sense. That's the epitome of the NCAA these days.

They play host to the most exciting sporting event of the year, then turn around and selectively enforce a bogus rule that even the most cold-hearted of souls would probably deem as unfit.


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