Saturday, April 6, 2013

Josh Hamilton's wife was forced to call security amid abuse from Rangers fans


On Friday, new Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton made his first appearance at the Ballpark at Arlington since making some comments in February which angered Texas Rangers fans. Hamilton, who spent five seasons with the Rangers before opting to sign a free agent deal with the Angels, is drawing the ire of Rangers fans after he called them out for being "spoiled" and referred to Dallas as a "football town."

Rangers fans welcomed their former MVP with a shower of boos and taunts throughout the game on Friday. These taunts were even directed toward Hamilton's wife and kids. In fact, they were so bad that his wife had to call stadium security at one point.
"She had to call security just because people were getting ugly,'' Josh Hamilton said. "It's cool to get ragged on about normal things, but when you get a little swearing and jawing back at Katie, and saying inappropriate things, it's a little different story. 
"They were saying personal stuff, stuff that was inappropriate with kids around. It's a good lesson for the kids, just about people in general ,and not putting faith in them, but the man upstairs.''

The family is preventing such an incident from occurring in Saturday's game by reserving a suite away from general fan seating.

Hamilton admitted that the harsh treatment from the crowd bothered him, but was happy it didn't negatively affect his children.
"It was cool, they weren't upset when they got home,'' Hamilton said. "They kissed me and hugged me, and brought friends over. They played on a trampoline and I jumped on the trampoline with them. It was just like any other game coming home, and I was treating it like that.''
During his stint in Texas, Hamilton earned five straight trips to the All-Star Game and was named the American League Most Valuable Player in 2010. He helped guide the Rangers to back-to-back World Series appearances in 2010-11, but they lost both times.

Hamilton is in the first year of a five-year, $125 million contract with Los Angeles after signing the massive free agent deal during the winter.



  1. Ah, the difference between a real sports town and minor leaguers. Albert Pujols was the king in St. Louis, and we were crushed when he left. Fans were very angry with him and his wife for leaving and for some comments they made. But this January, Albert made his first real return appearance since leaving St. Louis at a charity concert, and several thousand fans gave him a loud standing ovation when he was introduced. First class fans don't forget easily!