Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Josh Hamilton is a good sport, happily eats candy bars Athletics fans throw at him

Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton took the high road when dealing with a group of hecklers at Oakland Coliseum Monday night.

The Athletics held "Josh Hamilton Appreciation Night" Monday in reference to the fly ball Hamilton dropped in the final regular season game of 2012 to help the A's win the American League West Division. Of course, Hamilton was a member of the Texas Rangers then, but the A's still wanted to show their gratitude for the costly error with the Angels in town this week.

Furthermore, fans also chose to show their appreciation by chucking Butterfingers at Hamilton (get it?) during batting practice as he shagged balls in right field. Some players may have quipped back with some nasty comment or even called for security, but not Hamilton. Instead, the former MVP decided to be a good sport and devour the tasty treats which rained down upon him.

Those extra calories probably turned out to be beneficial for Hamilton after the A's and Angels engaged in a 19-inning contest later on in the evening. Hamilton was 0-for-8 at the plate, though.

Via Big League Stew