Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dodgers fans forced to move seat or change clothes by Diamondbacks

A group of Los Angeles Dodgers fans invested in pricey seats behind home plate only to have Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick demand they change their clothes or sit somewhere else.

Television viewers who tuned into Friday night's game between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks may have noticed a change of wardrobe. Apparently, folks who sit behind home plate at Chase Field aren't allowed to wear gear of the opposing team.

Midway into the first inning, those fans wearing Dodgers gear were approached by ushers informing them that they either needed to change their clothes, or get the hell out of the main camera shot.

From the Diamondbacks, courtesy of Deadspin:

Due to the high visibility of the home plate box, we ask opposing team's fans when they purchase those seats to refrain from wearing that team's colors. During last night's game, when Ken Kendrick noticed the fans there, he offered them another suite if they preferred to remain in their Dodger gear. When they chose to stay, he bought them all D-backs gear and a round of drinks and requested that they abide by our policy and they obliged.

Look, I'm all for trying to keep the home-field advantage and whatnot, but this seems a little intrusive. These die-hard Dodgers fans shelled out thousands of dollars to secure those prime seats. The Diamondbacks had no trouble taking their money, but weren't too keen on the idea of letting them show their support of a rival. Which is more important to you, Arizona? Pride or money? Exactly.

Additionally, the complimentary round of drinks the fans received should be taken as an insult, as those seats are all-inclusive to begin with.

Give the LA fans a break, eh? They have had to deal with the loss of starting pitcher Zack Greinke due to a bench-clearing brawl, in addition to a season-ending Achilles heel injury to Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, already this week.

Via Deadspin

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