Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cornell University wrestler charged with raping student as she slept

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A Cornell University student athlete was arrested after allegedly raping another student as she slept.

Peter Mesko, 22, is facing a first-degree rape charge stemming from an incident that occurred early Saturday at an off campus residence.

Another woman was present in the room when the attack occurred, and helped identify Mesko, a member of the Cornell wrestling team, by snapping pictures of the young man lying on the bed, and then looking his name up on the athletic department website, according to police.

From the USA TODAY:

About three hours before the alleged attack, the partner was awakened by the noise of her housemates and their friends playing drinking games outside her room, and she noticed some Cornell wrestlers among them when she went out to ask them to quiet down, authorities said.

According to court papers, two women who described themselves as partners told police they were asleep in a bedroom around 4:45 a.m. when one awoke to find a stranger raping her. The women shoved him off and ran from the room.

Investigators said the victim's partner went back and took two pictures of the man. The two women then dashed from the building and used the pictures to identify Mesko by going online, authorities said.

Mesko, a senior at the Ivy League school, was freed on $5,000 bail.

The university has since created a new website to help provide support for those troubled by the reported rape, as well as those troubled by sexual violence in general.

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