Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Controversy brewing in vote for college football playoff logo


It appears as though a controversy is already brewing in regards to voting for the new "College Football Playoff" logo.

Officials said their website was hacked less than 24 hours after opening up an online vote allowing fans to decide which one of four potential logos they liked best.

Given that it's a competition, it was only natural for someone to try and cheat, because we all know the old adage of "if you aren't cheating, you aren't trying." Unfortunately, the cheater's plot at doctoring the vote count was quickly spotted and sniffed out.

"Our contracture running the logo vote has informed us that it has caught a cheater," according to release from playoff officials.

Apparently, the cheater was very much in favor of logo number four, which according to the website is "a star, created by a compass with a football at its center." Officials tracked over 50,000 votes to one IP address in particular from Austin, Texas.

"While we're all pleased to know how popular our site is, this individual's IP address has been blocked and all his votes have been removed from logo four's tally," the statement read. "We have been pleased with the excitement that has been created with the contest. In this particular case, there was a little too much excitement."

The removal of those votes sent logo number four from 50 percent down to just nine percent overall.

The new playoff system will debut in 2014 after the BCS system concludes in 2013.


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