Friday, April 19, 2013

Buck Showalter to Rex Ryan: 'Stay out of things you don't know about'

On Thursday, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan made some rather odd comments regarding scheduling for the upcoming NFL season. Basically, Ryan was upset that the Baltimore Ravens, the reigning Super Bowl champs, would not be able to open the regular season at home because of a conflict with the Orioles.
“Well, who really cares, you've got 81 at home, maybe you could have done the right thing and given one up and then played 82 on the road and then 80 at home. I really don't think people are going to care about that game.
On Friday, Orioles skipper Buck Showalter fired back at Ryan.

From Baltimore Sun reporter Dan Connolly:
"I’d be a little more concerned about Nov. 24 when the Jets come here and try to figure out a way to beat the Ravens. 
"I try to stay out of things I don’t know about. ... I would stay in what is my area of supposed expertise."


For the record, the Ravens open up their 2013 campaign in Denver on September 5 while the Orioles will play host to the Chicago White Sox on the same day.

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