Sunday, March 10, 2013

Video: Wild animal invades soccer pitch, bites player

A Switzerland soccer match between Zurich and FC Thun was temporarily delayed Sunday after a wild animal invaded the pitch.

The guilty culprit, a wild marten, a common creature found in the northern hemisphere, ran onto the field to cause some chaos. At first, the sight of the little thing darting around the playing surface is both hilarious and adorable. The intruder weaves his way around potential wranglers until Loris Benito makes a diving grab to catch the animal. However, the marten soon escapes after biting Benito's finger.

Eventually, one of the goalkeepers, who was wearing gloves, corrals the furry streaker and assists in removing it from the field, and presumably back to the wild.

As for Benito, he received some medical treatment for his finger and returned to the game, because who needs their fingers to play soccer, anyway?

Via Daily Mail

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