Saturday, March 16, 2013

Video: Little league slugger boasts greatest home run trot ever

There have been some really good home run trots in the history of Major League Baseball, but none may be as good as this one.

Seen here is a confident little leaguer taking the pitcher deep for a long homer over the center field wall. The kid absolutely crushed it and he knows it, too.

From the bat flip, to the slow walk of admiration, to the hands raised high, to the jersey popping, this kid definitely has swagger.

Who needs humility when you can crush baseballs like this?


  1. The kid needs to ride some pine. It doesn't help that this writer praises the kid.

  2. If I was the coach it would be quite a while before this kid got back off the bench. Whoever wrote this praising this kid is off his rocker.