Monday, March 11, 2013

Video: Ice climber captures death-defying fall on camera

Ice climber Mark Roberts recently had a brush with death, and he caught the entire thing on video.

Roberts, 47, was mountain climbing in Wales when he was struck by a chunk of falling ice, which caused him to tumble more than 100 feet down the slope. Luckily, he managed the terrifying fall without suffering any major injuries.

Thanks to his helmet-mounted camera, Roberts was able to capture the entire incident on camera.

"You just try not to panic and hope there's some luck with you," told Roberts to the British Mountaineering Council.

Roberts says the protective gear he was wearing at the time undoubtedly helped save his life. The experienced climber was with a group of friends, who immediately called for medical help after the fall. Thirty minutes later, the man was lifted via helicopter to a local hospital.

Roberts sustained minor ankle injuries and some bruising, but otherwise escaped the incident unharmed.



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    1. yes you are but what is he?

  2. Incredible - Just glad he is OK!

  3. and THIS is why I will always keep my feet FIRMLY planted on low, level ground! glad he's ok!

  4. I'm glad he stopped. Too bad it was the rocks that stopped him.