Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Video: Guy proposes to girlfriend during halftime of Orlando Magic game

Although the Orlando Magic fell victim to the surging Miami Heat on Monday, helping the Heat cruise to their 27th straight win, fans in attendance at the Amway Center did have something to cheer about.

They got to see a man carry out an elaborate proposal during halftime.

Somehow, the guy manages to arrange for his girlfriend to participate in a half-court shot contest. As you can see, that portion of the video clip didn't go so well. However, look who was cleverly waiting to comfort his lady after she miserably failed in front of 20,000 semi-sober fans.

The Orlando guy was kneeling behind her, ready and waiting to pop the question, and the whole scene was narrated by some Magic employee with a microphone.

She says yes, they embrace, the rest is history.

Via Total Pro Sports


  1. I feel like this isn't that unique and there are hundreds of marriage proposals at sporting events each year. I know I've seen at least 7 at Detroit Red Wings games over the last 3 years.

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