Sunday, March 17, 2013

Video: Ben Howland throws jacket into stands

Oregon and UCLA clashed in the Pac-12 Tournament championship game Saturday night.

With the Ducks leading 25-19 in the first half, Bruins freshman phenom Shabazz Muhammad streaks toward the basket on a fast break, before eventually being called for a charging foul.

His head coach, Ben Howland, didn't like the call at all. To show his displeasure, he rips off his jacket and proceeds to deposit it into the stands behind the UCLA bench.

Though it would have made for a great souvenir, Howland actually got his jacket back. He was still called for his first technical foul in 10 years as UCLA's head coach.

Oregon cruised to a 78-69 win to capture the conference tournament title.


  1. Fantastic, it is about time someone brings the UCLA empire down to size.

  2. Who care's? If your going to be a leader this really show's how mature you really are. The kids on the team will really learn from this example.

    1. Rubbish, It's about time UCLA got angry about the injustices they've had to suffer over the years at the hands jealousy.

    2. and in the first 14 minutes and 56 seconds the injustice that the refs brought to bear on UCLA was recognizing their ability to play immaculate defense as the first call was made and it was an offesive foul if you know the game your probably think MAAYYBBEEE NOT!

  3. Dear Anonymous:

    Read the line about maturity again. It apparently applies to you as well.

  4. I enjoyed the game!! GO DUCKS!!!!

  5. Just a little karma payback from the previous night, when UCLA shot 21 free throws, and Arizona shot 9. And the Arizona coach was given a technical while staying in the coaches box, not cursing, not calling names, or embarrasing the referees, even though they had just royally blown a call....