Sunday, March 24, 2013

Serena Williams resorts to bicycling to match to beat traffic jam

Serena Williams survived her third round match in the Sony Open Saturday night by beating more than just Japan's Ayumi Morita.

With traffic snarled from her hotel to the stadium, and limited time before the beginning of her match, Williams had to think of an alternative way to transport herself to the venue.

So, she ultimately decided to borrow a bike from the hotel she was staying at and peddle her way to the stadium.
‘The traffic was crazy and everyone was like, ”I have been here for an hour, and I’m staying like eight minutes away”,’ Williams said. ‘I’m like, ”OK, I’m not going to make my match. 
‘So I asked for a golf cart, and the hotel didn’t have a golf cart. Then they were like, ”We have a motor bike.”. ‘I’m like, ”I don’t do motor bikes.” They said, ”We have a bicycle.”. ‘I said, ‘I really don’t do bicycles, but I will today.’"
Traffic jams are quite common on Key Biscayne, because only one road connects the island with Miami and the rest of the mainland. However, Williams said the experience was actually kind of neat.
‘It was fun,’ the reigning Wimbledon and US Open champion added. ‘It was probably one of my best memories I think ever, riding a bike to a match. That’s pretty cool.”
Amazingly, Williams showed no signs of fatigue from the physical exertion the bike ride may have caused, as she won over Morita in straight sets (6-3, 6-3).

Williams, the top seed in the tournament, is trying to capture his first title at the event since 2008.

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