Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Roger Goodell reportedly spoofed Super Bowl blackout during owners meeting

Maybe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn't such a stiff after all.

Last week, Goodell pulled a prank on league owners during his opening remarks at the annual meetings by spoofing a power outage reminiscent of the one that occurred during the Super Bowl.

From Sports Business Daily:
Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his opening remarks to owners last week on a stage designed to look like a stadium. In the middle of those remarks, the lights went out.
It was all planned, but not everyone was in on the joke. Frank Supovitz, the NFL's senior vice president of events, who recently was profiled on "60 Minutes Sports" where he was seen asking questions in the middle of the Super Bowl blackout, said he was stunned when the lights went off — but then he heard people laughing, including the commissioner, and realized it was a gag.
The lights quickly came back on as oppose to the real blackout in New Orleans, which kept those in attendance in the dark for 34 minutes.

What a prankster Goodell is.

The report states that the NFL will hold a simulation in advance of next year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium to prevent such a lengthy delay from happening such as the one at the Superdome last month. The league will simulate the electrical demand needed for the game and halftime show in an effort to be more prepared.


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