Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Red Sox offering discounted beer in April to boost ticket sales

Boston Red Sox fans may have a new reason to pile into Fenway Park this April.

The team is attempting to lure in more customers by slashing concession prices for the upcoming month. The team says it's in an effort to thank fans for an incredible streak of support.
Kids under 14 will eat free — well, before the third inning, provided they go to specially designated concession stands to pick up their Fenway Frank, Goldfish, and carton of juice. Around the park, buy one hot dog, get a second for free. Hot chocolate will be sold for half-price. And beer, which flows from the Fenway taps like liquid gold and costs almost as much, will be sold for $5 per 12-ounce cup, down from between $7.50-$8.50. 
“We recognize that the sellout streak is likely going to be coming to an end in early April, and we’re looking for ways to thank our fans for their incredible support and commitment,” Red Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy said.
The move may be necessary to keep the stadium full for several reasons.

First, the Red Sox are coming off a horrid 69-93 campaign in 2012, and the prospects for 2013 don't look much better, as the Blue Jays, Yankees, Rays, and Orioles all look to be stronger contenders to win the division than Boston does at this point.

Second, the club is set to play host to a whopping 17 home games in the span of just 21 days during April. It will mark only the second time that many home games have been packed into such little time in the 113-year history of the Red Sox.

Third, Boston will have to deal with the fact that they are playing some relatively unattractive teams. They are slated to play host to the Royals, A's, and lowly Astros in April, none of which are teams that fans historically flock to the park to see.

Additionally, eight of those games will be played in the afternoon, which will make it very difficult to fill Fenway because the kids are still in school and their parents are most likely at work.

All in all, the franchise is desperate to boost ticket sales. Season ticket renewals are down about 10 percent from 2012, while tickets still remain for all home dates in April.

The team hopes discounted brew, buy one get one free hot dogs, free kids meals, and half-price hot chocolate is the answer.
“We’re looking for ways to fill the ballpark, and hopefully this will help,” Kennedy said. “But more importantly, that it be received as a thank you given everything we’ve been through the last nine, 10 years together. We thought it was an appropriate gesture.”
Via Boston Globe


  1. The sellout streak ended 2 years ago. The average has been 28 thousand people coming thru the turnstyles. I know this because I have heard the owner of a Yawkey Way bar talk about it. Apparently the Red Sox FO has been funneling tickets to Ace Tickets(Red Sox own Ace)to gouge Sox fans for more money and it has failed miserably. The new owners have alienated all the old school Sox fans and this is the reaon why the streak ended 2 years ago. The Sox FO has sold our team out. The prices are way so out of whack at Fenway the average family of four cannot attend games at Fenway. My buddy shuttles his family to Baltimore to catch games(its cheaper to drive to Baltimore and rent a hotel than to drive 25 minutes west and see a game at fenway-What a joke!) The Sox brass should be ashamed of themselves. Go somewhere else and fuck them dry! Fenway Boycott 2013! Support the PLAYERS shun the SOX FO. Try as hard as you can not to put a cent in their greedy hands!

    1. Ok "Anonymous"...overhearing something in a bar sounds legit! And I'd like to ask the writer of this article how he figures the Yankees have a better shot at winning than we do?? They are without Tex, Steroid-head A-rod, Granderson and Jeter for the foreseeable future...not to mention, they spent all that money on an aging Wells, and let Russell Martin go...Baltimore has ONE good year since the late 90s and before that the early 80s, and suddenly they are above us too? Please.

    2. Move to New York Asshole!

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  2. THEY NEED THOSE CHICKEN WINGS !!!!! ( 20 FREE WITH EVERY BEER !!!!) But you have to give some to the Bullpen !!!!! LOL............