Friday, March 29, 2013

Penn State recruit facing felony charges for trying to use fake money at McDonalds

Central Daupin star Zayd Issah, PSU recruit and alleged bill forger —

A key recruit from Penn State's incoming recruiting class is facing felony charges after he and two others reportedly tried using fake money at multiple fast food restaurants.

Harrisburg Central Dauphin High (Pa.) senior linebacker Zayd Issah was among three others arrested on March 9 after an alleged attempt to pass counterfeit money at McDonald's.

According to the report, Issah and two other suspects fled the scene when police were summoned. The other two suspects were later identified and apprehended and both of them implicated Issah in the alleged scheme.

Facebook messages obtained by authorities proved that Issah knew the money was counterfeit and that he intended to solicit a plan to "clean" it. The fake cash was previously used successfully to buy food at three other fast food eateries in the area, according to police.

On March 10, Issah was charged with two felony counts of forgery and conspiracy to forgery, as well as four misdemeanor charges of theft by deception.

Issah's preliminary hearing is slated for May 9.

It remains to be seen how this will affect Issah's status with Penn State, but it appears as though he will still be able to enroll in school this fall.

Although the legal charges mounted against the future Nittany Lion doesn't look good, Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said it's unlikely that Issah will receive a jail sentence, even if convicted.

Instead, as a first time offender, Issah is more likely looking at a probationary sentence or diversionary program.

All three men were released on $1,000 bail. Additionally, all three face the same charges.

Issah is rated as a three-star prospect by Rivals and a four-star by Scout.

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  1. Why would Penn State keep adding to their reputation problems?

  2. How dumb can a person be to think they could get away with this??

  3. They did get away with it 3 times they just got greedy

  4. Let's see if Penn State actually keeps him before saying this adds to the reputation problems. This story is less than 48 hours old, so they might not be keeping him.

  5. There is no way he'll be playing for the Nittany Lions; Miami or Auburn maybe!!