Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gay Jacksonville Jaguars fan petitions for team to nix 'Kiss Cam'

The "Kiss Cam" has been a sacred tradition during sporting events for many years. We all know how the routine goes. It consists of putting an unsuspecting couple up on the jumbotron or scoreboard, with the expectation that the pair will kiss in front of the entire crowd. Those who don't are chastised, while those who do are often cheered.

Well, one Jacksonville Jaguars fan has had decided that enough is enough.

Dave Uible, an openly gay man, recently sent a letter to team owner Shad Khan, alleging that the way the Kiss Cam is operated at EverBank Field is homophobic.

Here is Uible's entire letter via Outsports:

I'm not sure you are aware, but there is a video 'joke' called the Kiss Cam that plays at the games. Often, the bit goes like this: after showing several happy heterosexual couples kissing in the stands, the camera then pans to two opposing male players who are in close proximity and leaning toward each other -- insinuating that they may do the exact same (and ostensibly wrong) thing and kiss. Hilarious, right? No, and the message is clear. Jaguars are heterosexual and approved. The opponent is 'gay,' disapproved and the butt of a crude joke. Really, why is this even at an NFL game?

From what I understand, the NFL is now making strides to prevent bullying and homophobia. Mr. Khan, I'm sure you have felt your share of being an 'other' in this world and know how offensive it can be. We all go to the games simply to enjoy ourselves and root for our team. Obviously, it's disheartening to be reminded, by the NFL, that you really aren't quite as equal as the other season ticket holders. If this were a 'Muslim Cam' or a 'Black Cam', I'm sure the franchise would have gotten rid of it long ago. It's time for this not-too-subtle homophobic joke to go too.

What do you think? Is Uible's objection warranted?



  1. He has a point. but then most seem to enjoy it. Remember when the Obama's were on it at a game?

  2. Go back in the damn closet where you belong. You are a sicko and you know it. Leave it alone. You deserve absolutely no recognition at all. You are what you are, and no one HAS to like you or respect you, at all!!!!!!!!!