Thursday, March 7, 2013

Report: One-legged man, 70, battling cancer sinks hole-in-one

One Legged golfer Joe McLaughlin

A 70-year-old Scottish man defied all odds by sinking a hole-in-one at St. Andrews.

What makes this occurrence so special, aside from his age, is the fact that the elderly man has one-leg, poor eyesight, and is currently battling cancer.

Joe McLaughlin of Glenmavis, Airdrie aced the par-three fifth on the Jubilee Course to record his fifth career hole-in-one in 60 years of playing. Yes, his fifth.

McLaughlin, who uses a prosthetic limb specially designed for golf, said he used a seven iron to hit the amazing shot. He said he had "been playing rubbish" up until that point in the round.

McLaeughlin, a former teacher, lost the lower half of his left leg in 2009 after developing a severe blood clot in his thigh.

He has been diagnosed with skin and bone marrow cancer in addition to a cataract in his right eye. The dad of two receives daily chemotherapy treatment in hopes of eradicating the disease.

Despite his limitations, McLaughlin continues to play the game he loves.

Via Daily Record


  1. FANTASTIC!!! I know what a difficult task it is to put this little white ball in the hole way out there. I have both of my legs, am in relatively good health, and have only managed to sink two hole-in-ones during the last 40 years of playing this game we love so much. KUDOS! BRAVO! God bless you and I hope you get another hand full of aces real soon. You inspire us all.

  2. Great story however the fith hole at St. Andrews Old Course is a par 4 not a par 3.

  3. its a par a book

    1. The fifth hole on the Jubilee Course is a par the website.

  4. Who cares what par it is he mde a hole in one, more than 90% of golfers have never achieved a hole in one much less 5 way to go one legged man from the home land of GOLF.....Give Tiger a call and show him your skills

  5. Just got this from my son..... thanks to Jimmi Adair for confirming that the 5th hole on the jubilee is a par 3....I know..I've played it hundreds of times and have ran up 4's 5's and 6's on it.... but I DID have the hole in one mentioned in the article.... thanks for all the kind comments... Joe Mclaughlin