Saturday, March 16, 2013

Michael Vick responds to critics in first public appearance since tour cancellations

In his first public appearance since cancelling book tour stops amid death threats, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick spoke to juvenile offenders in Atlanta as part of a charity event on Saturday. And he had a strong message to send to those who continue to spew hate because of his past.

Vick was imprisoned four years ago for his role in supporting dogfighting. The 32-year-old appears to be a changed man because of the experience, but that hasn't stopped others from continuing to bash him.

Vick doesn't understand the continued barrage of backlash. "Why would you continue to bash somebody who's trying to help make the world a better place," he said while speaking to the crowd at a suburban church.

From the USA TODAY:
“A lot of people are sick and tired of hearing about my past, because there are so many other problems that are going on in this world that need to have attention drawn to them,” Vick told USA TODAY Sports. “People are dying every day, children are being killed, going to jail. Not to say I overlook what I’ve done, but I try to do outreach as a positive. 
“That’s my responsibility. That’s what I’m going to continue to do. That’s what’s important. Those people are not important.”
Vick signed autographs at the church just four days after his publish cancelled several appearances to promote his autobiography, "Finally Free." He said the increased media attention that came along with the news actually boosted sales.

The book tour will march on with added security measures, despite the recent cancellations. Vick says he was more afraid for the health of others on the tour rather than his self when Facebook commenters threatened violence.
"It wasn't so much fear, but you have to take precaution for yourself and your family, and for other people as well," he said. "I knew a lot of people were going to be at the signings, and I didn't want to put anyone in jeopardy.
"I think the small fraction of people who are still making these derogatory comments and thinking irrationally, they're in a league of their own. But we won't let it stop us from what we're trying to do."
The southpaw is hoping for a better season in 2013 than the one he experienced in 2012. Philly sputtered to a 4-12 record and a last place finish in the NFC East as Vick struggled to find his form.

The Eagles ultimately opted to restructure his contract rather than release, agreeing to a deal in February that reduced his 2013 salary from $16 million to $7 million plus incentives.



  1. LOL.... "Vick doesn't understand the continued barrage of backlash"....

    Hey loser - of course you don't understand! You have NEVER shown any remorse for what you did except for when you absolutely needed to. People who mistreat animals are the worst offenders - attacking helpless creatures. Yes, he did his time.. he went to prison.. unfortunately, he was treated as a star in prison because of his athletic fame, so it really wasn't "hard time". Many fans turned their back on the Eagles when they hired Vick and I can't blame them; He never should have been allowed back in the NFL. The only relief these fans get is when Vick gets sacked and hurt on the field. I have a feeling that the offensive line was really not that bad, they were just dog-owners who wanted some good, old-fashioned revenge.

  2. I could not agree more. The only reason he is the "man" he is today is because he got caught. If he didn't get caught who knows how many more innocent dogs would have died at his hands or direction. I truly don't think he or his camp have been threatened, the only thing I have heard is a true man standing up for innocent animals and wanting to prove his manhood to Vick who is far from being a man. As for him having a job, I know of no other employer who holds a job for a convicted felon. Yea he did his time, wow lifting weights, working out. Whew hard time indeed. He should never, ever be allowed around any type of sweet loving animal ever! It makes me sick to look at that picture of him holding a dog. Loser! Dog killer! Please go away!

  3. Whats really a shame here is that he will never be able to repay the lives of the dogs that were victims of his reckless careless and thoughtless actions. Its impossible for him to do that, however Im happy that he is part of an effort to educate youth about the pitfalls of this violent culture. What is a real shame is that everyday that goes by with us complaining about Vick's crime is wasted because there is some other imbecile buying, and training another animal to fight and die. Should Vick's crime be forgotten, No, but we must be solution oriented in trying to eradicate this senseless behavior that extends far beyond Vick getting caught. I will have ill feeling toward Vick for the rest of my life just as well another other sucker who would take the life of or destroy the freedom and well being of any animal or person. With that said the death threats need to stop, they make real action by those who are true animal advocates more difficult to seem reasonable, when others demand he die.

  4. The only losers are the people who continue to keep this going with their hatred. Please move on and attend to your miserable lives.

  5. you no what so sad is that you people act like you so in love with dogs that you say bad things to 'real people' like I wish you was dead and I hate you or I wish they wood had gave you life in prison how can you say that to a person that got kids and a wife that living his life and trying to do better for the sake of his family if you have a hart for the dogs like you say you do have a hart for a human cause what if it was you or a family member or your son that was doing what he had done leave vick alone this shit is old it is done dig a hole and buried it cause its over with now talk about football for a change and for the ones that's calling him a loser hell I see he's on tv and you're not so who's the loser? and the eagles did right cause they showing they have a hart and that's why that team will be bless with a superbowl and for the ones that don't like to see vick on sundays and Mondays change the channel its so easy a caveman can do it A SAD COUNTRY WE LIVE IN