Sunday, March 24, 2013

Girl whose boyfriend denied her ice cream at Pacers game gets free ice cream for a year

Earlier this week, a video featuring a couple attending an Indiana Pacers game went viral.

The boyfriend, Jake Moran, had a delicious mint chocolate chip waffle cone that he was munching on during halftime. His girlfriend, Georgia Arnett, wanted to share, but Moran wasn't having it.

Furthermore, TNT analyst Chris Webber decided to break down the incident via the use of a telestrator. As you can see in the video below, Moran rejects his girlfriend's attempt at getting some of his ice cream not once, but twice.

In an effort to make the situation all better, a local news station brought the pair in to talk about what happened. Then something amazing happened, a representative from Blue Bell ice cream surprised Arnett with free cream for a year!

Any ending which involves free ice cream is a good ending, indeed.

For the record, the couple has has been dating for about two years now.

Via FOX 59

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