Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brewers not allowing fans to bring own portable potties this season

Milwaukee Brewers fans who wanted to bring their own potty to games this season will have to leave it at home.

In the past, fans have been known to bring their own portable bathrooms with them for convenience sake. But because of the team's contract with a sanitation company, that practice will no longer be allowed.

It seems Waste Management, which has the sanitation contract with the Brewers, has the stranglehold on the outdoor potty market at Miller Park.

Normally, there are in excess of 100 portable bathrooms in the parking lots around Miller Park. There are also bathroom facilities at the Klement's Sausage Haus and at Helfaer Field. If you have to go, there's somewhere to go.

But when large crowds show up for Brewers baseball, and that has been the norm more often than not in past seasons, long lines near the portable bathrooms are sure to follow.

The wait time has motivated some fans to bring their own, or hire a vendor to bring theirs in. Potty, that is.

Unfortunately, that violates an agreement the Brewers have with Waste Management.

The team made the announcement ahead of its Opening Day game against the Colorado Rockies on Monday. The home opener is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year at Miller Park.

So, for any fans who want the convenience of having their own bathroom to use, let it be known that the Brewers have strictly prohibited the practice from now on.

"If you want your own, you can't work through a different vendor," said Brewers spokesman Tyler Barnes.

I believe some fans will receive this news and label it as crap. Am I right?

Via Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel 

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