Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Video: Oakland to give away Coco Crisp bobblehead that does 'Bernie Lean'

The Oakland Athletics embraced the "Bernie Lean" as their rally dance last season en route to a playoff appearance. The player who spearheaded the movement was none other than A's veteran outfielder Coco Crisp, who initially introduced the jam to the clubhouse atmosphere, and later adopted the song as his walk-up music.

I don't want to blow this thing out of proportion, but this is probably the greatest bobblehead ever made.

Oakland will give away 10,000 of these on Saturday, June 29 against the St. Louis Cardinals. Although the A's constantly struggle at drawing crowds at the Oakland Coliseum, I doubt they will on this night.

Crisp also made headlines last month after sharing an adorable picture via Twitter of his young son sporting a sweet afro.

Via Deadspin

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  1. I wouldn't put a Barbie bending over in front of this...just sayin'...