Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Video: Louisville's Chane Behanan throws down dunk of the year

Could this dunk by Louisville Cardinals sophomore Chane Behanan go down as the best dunk of the college basketball season?

Leading 21-16 with just under five minutes to go in the first half, Behanan intercepts an errant pass around midcourt, takes a couple of dribbles, and proceeds to go full speed at the rim. The only thing standing in his way is Blue Demons senior Worrel Clahar, but not for long.

Louisville's talented forward skies up, over, and through Clahar en route to a powerful slam. At one point, Behanan's knee meets Clahar in the face as the DePaul guard goes crashing down to the hardwood.

Initially, the basket didn't count as Behanan was called for an offensive foul. However, the call was eventually overturned and the Bowling Green, Ky. native was awarded a free throw, and nailed it to finish the old fashioned three-point play.

The Cards cruised to an easy 79-58 victory thanks in part to a 10 point and nine rebound performance from Behanan.


  1. no way check out eastern ky university marcus lewis dunk

  2. that was a bad call. not only was the depaul player not all the way outside the restricted area, he was moving too.

  3. They reversed the call. Behanan got credit for the bucket and got 1 free throw to complete the 3 -point play. Better check your facts.

  4. I could be wrong, but Behanan played his senior year in Bowling Green, KY but was actually from Ohio, not being a Bowling Green native, just sayin. was a sick dunk though