Monday, February 11, 2013

Video: Kevin Durant deflects ball into face of helpless face of fan

The Oklahoma City Thunder laid a smackdown on the Phoenix Suns on Sunday to the tune of a 97-69 victory.

Perhaps the only blemish on the part of the Thunder was when All-Star forward Kevin Durant wreaked havoc on the face of an unsuspecting fan during a play in the second half.

With the Thunder leading 59-44 with 6:38 to go in the third quarter, Durant used his freakishly long arms to deflect a pass by Phoenix's Luis Scola. The ball immediately shot into the stands and smacked a women in the face who was sitting courtside.

Being the gentleman that he is, Durant rushed over to make sure the poor lady was okay. As you can see, she shook off the hit like a champ and laughed it off.

Durant finished the game with 18 points and one apology accepted in 29 minutes played.

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